Time to ‘Spring Forward’



Daylight Saving Time begins soon. If you live in a place that recognizes Daylight Saving Time, then it’s time to set clocks forward (Spring Forward) one hour on Sunday. Many people do this on Saturday just before going to bed.

Benjamin Franklin is credited with drawing upon ancient practices when he first recommended a seasonal extension and reduction in the number of daylight hours.

Along with a tip of the cap to Mr. Franklin, this time of year is also a good time to test and replace batteries in:

  • Alarm clocks
  • Fire and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Security alarms
  • Batteries for emergency use
  • Outdoor lights and timers

Likewise, this is a good time to check emergency provisions for home, vehicles, school, work, etc.. Go to www.ready.gov for emergency planning guidelines and tips. Families should consider completing a Family Emergency Plan. Click here for a guideline.


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