Rate Card: Publishers and Broadcasters

Effective Date: July 3, 2015

At GCF Media Syndicate™ by American Newzine, Inc., we want to make doing business with us easy and mutually rewarding. The following subscription rates apply for the publication or broadcast of our content.

The license fee is based on the current licensee’s estimated audience or print size, whichever the case might be. It is to be determined using a good faith estimate by calculating the sum of all of the following that apply to the licensee and the use of the content:

  1. Combined monthly unique visitors to all of the applicable internet sites excluding social media sites, plus
  2. Combined paid and unpaid subscriptions, print circulation or runs whichever the case may be, plus
  3. Combined broadcast or webcast audience of all applicable radio, TV, cable, satellite, and podcasts.

Even if your audience increases during the year, your rate is locked-in for one year based on your initial audience or print size. The only exception: additional print runs for books which are billable at the time of printing.

You will be billed with a monthly invoice (Terms: Net 10th of Following Month) which is emailed to the person you designate. Payment is made via check (preferred direct pay).

The current annual fees listed below reflect a discount of one-month free.

U.S. Subscribers Only

Currently, we are only accepting subscribers based in the United States. This is due to various value added tax (VAT) laws.


Content & License

Audience or
Print Size
Monthly Annual
Non-exclusive, limited license to publish or broadcast for editorial purposes any or all of the features listed below on any platform including online, print, cable, satellite, TV, or social media. License includes archival rights but excludes redistribution rights. Publishing Guide, Terms of Service, and Privacy Statement apply.

  • Infographics
  • Seasonal Features, General Interest Articles
  • O’Malley’s Column (Limited Schedule)
  • COMING Travel Digest & Food Articles
< 50,000 $49 $539
50 – 99k $79 $869
100k – 499k $119 $1,309
500k – 999k $179 $1,969
1 – 3 million $269 $2,959
3 – 5 million $399 $4,389
5 – 10 million $599 $6,589
>10 million $899 $9,889



To register as a GCF Media Syndicate subscriber, all you need to do is email us the following information. You can begin publishing or broadcasting our content as soon as you complete the submission. You can expect a confirmation email within one business day from the time of your email.

  1. Your Name and Title
  2. Your Company Name (Licensee)
  3. Your Email Address
  4. Your Street Address (full address, city, state, zip code)
  5. Your Direct Phone Number and Extension
  6. Billing Contact’s Name and Title
  7. Billing Contact’s Email Address
  8. Billing Address (If different than Street Address; include full address, city, state, zip code)
  9. Billing Direct Phone Number and Extension
  10. Complete list of the titles of the publications, book titles, websites (with URLs), etc. on which the content is to be published or broadcast)
  11. Estimated audience or print size (See explanation above.)
  12. Purchase Order Number and Special Instructions (if applicable)

Single (One-Off) Purchases:

In addition to the above, submit the following information:

  1. Title to the content you intend to publish or broadcast
  2. URL to the page on our website for the content

Email Notifications

We use email exclusively to notify our readers and subscribers of news and developments. Be sure to subscribe at the top of the right column on our home page.

Questions? Email us here.


IMPORTANT: By registering as a subscriber, you automatically affirm that you have read, understand, and completely agree with our Publishing Guide, Terms of Service, and Privacy Statement.

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