Presidential Resumes 2012

shutterstock_113563756As a voter, you should vet your top elected officials as carefully as if you are hiring them to lead or help lead your own company.  After all, they are responsible to ensure that your tax dollars are spent wisely, and that government employees and property are managed efficiently and effectively.

Each candidate should be screened to ensure that they have the requisite amount of executive-level experience with a proven track record of accomplishments.  The candidate’s accomplishments should clearly demonstrate they have the skills to plan, lead, organize, and control a large and complicated organization.  Rhetorical ability and good intentions are one thing, but the proven ability to lead is essential and of much greater importance.

For this reason, policy positions are secondary to executive credentials.  If a candidate meets the requisite level of executive experience, then and only then should their policy positions be compared and debated.  Otherwise, you may vote for someone that shares your political ideology and policy positions, and yet is likely not to perform well on the job due to inexperience or some other shortcoming.

To help voters compare the executive credentials of the current top two presidential candidates, the American Newzine editorial team presents their resumes.  (See links below.)  The resumes present a summary of each candidate’s executive experience, top executive accomplishments, and selected quotes on the subject of the Constitution of the United States.

Our editorial team took great care to ensure that the background for each candidate is stated accurately and evenhandedly, without commentary or opinion.  However, if you have any comments or suggestions, please click here to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

On the subject of the policy positions, we recommend Project Vote Smart’s Vote Easy service available here.  It allows you to compare not only the top two candidates, but all six presidential candidates in a fun and engaging way.

Resume of Barack Obama

Resume of Mitt Romney

May the best candidate win on November 6th.

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