O’Malley on Leadership: On 9/11, EMP Threat Should Arouse All Leaders

A US advanced airborne command post undergoing EMP simulation (Wikipedia)

A US advanced airborne command post undergoing EMP simulation (Wikipedia)

I write this column knowing I’m likely fighting a losing battle for the attention of the average American who readily reads or watches the latest viral video on what crazy or cute thing a pet or child has done but will not take the time to read one on a very real threat to our national security. I’m counting on leaders within and outside of the public sector to have a greater sense of awareness and civic responsibility.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of cute pets and kids. However, the stakes are getting higher with regard to our national defense and security, and on the anniversary of 9/11 it’s as good a time as any to focus on a threat that is not getting its due.

I also write this column knowing that if one of our enemies, say North Korea or Iran, successfully detonates an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) over the U.S., I would not be able to tell you “I told you so” because virtually all electronic devices would be inoperable for quite some time afterward.

Still, I write this column with the fervent hope that I will never have the need to say so. I’m hoping that leaders within and outside of public office will rise to the occasion.

Still, you should know that given the present inclination of  even the White House and Congress to follow any new shiny object that could help them politically instead of doing their jobs, I’m not optimistic that we can avoid being subject to an EMP attack. Why my pessimism? First, here’s a detailed report by VOA which covers the grim news that we are not well-protected against this national security, economic, social, and political threat.

In fact, according to the headline and the opinions of the experts interviewed for the report, we are defenseless against an EMP attack by the likes of North Korea. And if North Korea is a credible threat, what does that make Russia, China, and Iran? This means that no matter how much our economy has recovered, no matter how well Obamacare is doing, or no matter how many illegal immigrants are granted amnesty, none of it will matter.

This follows last year’s Heritage report we published denouncing the claim that this threat is merely theoretical. President Obama and his administration are well-aware of this threat and our defenseless position. And yet, it appears that relatively speaking, not much is being done to counter the threat even though it is reportedly well-known that we are completely defenseless from the south.

I get that most Americans don’t see China and Russia as enemies of state. With all due respect to the people of those nations who are acting in good faith in developing stronger economic and social ties to the USA, their regimes are at best going through the motions.

What should a reasonable person do in a such a situation? Clearly, he or she would treat the threat of attack by our enemies differently then any item on the domestic agenda. Scandalously, that’s exactly what President Obama and his administration has not done. Of course, being one of the most scandal-ridden presidencies ever, I grant that they have a full plate. However, a leader is responsible to keep the big picture in mind, and deploy the resources of the company, organization, or governmental entity accordingly. Clearly, President Obama is not doing that. And this week, he embarrassingly is trying to play catch-up on the threat posed by the Islamic State (IS) also known as ISIL and ISIS. This after he naively wrote them off as a JV team.

Is President Obama more of a political activist than president and commander-in-chief. Yes, I’m convinced of this even more so today than I was back in 2012 when we published his resume in comparison to Mitt Romney’s. You can read them here. He rose to office simply on his rhetorical skills and good intentions. While both are admirable, we are paying the price for his inexperience as a top executive. Judging by recent polls, it appears that the vast majority of Americans have finally awakened to this reality.

But will it be in time to avoid a devastating EMP attack launched by any one or several of our enemies of state? I hope and pray that it will.

I urge each of you as leaders to take action now. What to do?

First, be sure to vote for and support candidates for public office who have the proven experience, skills, and abilities you would require of a direct report in a similar position of responsibility. Congress is effectively the bicameral Board of Directors of the USA. They should be vetted as well as any prospective director of a large company or organization.

Second, of course you can call or write the president if you want, but I personally think that would be a waste of time. Instead, make sure your Congressional representatives understand that you know what they should be focusing on, and insist that they do so. Tell them to treat our national defense and security as the top priority it has been since we won the War for Independence and our nation was born. In particular, urge them to act swiftly to address our vulnerability to an EMP attack. And be sure to end the call or message with a reminder to them that if an enemy is successful in this regard, the phone or computer you are using to communicate with them will instantly become useless.

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TJ (Tom) O'Malley

TJ (Tom) O'Malley

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TJ (Tom) O'Malley

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