O’Malley: Here’s the Ticket for 2016

Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina  (Antônio Milena AB - Agência Brasil - CC Wikipedia)

Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina (Antônio Milena AB – Agência Brasil – CC Wikipedia)

Governor Scott Walker (Michael Vadon - CC Wikipedia)

Governor Scott Walker (Michael Vadon – CC Wikipedia)

I’m guessing that most Americans are fed up with having an amateur-in-chief in the White House. Sure, President Obama may be the coolest president ever, and the first one with Black ancestry, but he’s made a mess of, or at least has largely ignored our national top priorities including the economy, national defense, world affairs, fiscal sustainability, and the common good. Instead, we’ve witnessed him spend most of his political capital on issues pertinent to healthcare, sexual orientation, and a plethora of feel-good and lesser important issues.

It’s as if he was treating the White House as his own private sandbox, or, to give him the benefit of the doubt, a petri dish.

This was not unexpected, given his executive resume was featherweight in comparison to Romney’s. (GCF Special Report)

To be clear, there are many important issues that Americans face today, including those listed above.  However, at the federal level, we don’t have the time, money, or attention span to give them all their due. That’s why our Founders wisely assigned most of the control of our government at the state and local levels, despite what the Supreme Court has to say.

Do you doubt that we have the ability to run an effective and efficient federal government as it is currently organizes? Then answer this simple question: Off the top of your head, briefly explain all of that which your federal government is involved in, and why it is a top national priority worthy of federal involvement and intervention?

I thought you couldn’t.

If you do have doubts, you’re not alone. The majority of Americans think we are off-track. In fact, if you look at the “Direction of the Country” polling data from Real Clear Politics, more than 40% of “we the people” have judged the country being on the right track only twice since President Obama took office. Ironically, his “Job Approval Rating” (RCP is also the source for this poll.) is still good, its just that the Republicans have gotten in his way, or perhaps he has a hangnail or ingrown toenail prohibiting him from leading the country in the right direction. Nope! His approval rating peaked early in his presidency during the honeymoon years, plummeted, and rarely has risen above 50%.

In all fairness, his broken moral compass, misguided principles, and lack of executive skills and experience, save for his relatively little hands-on experience as our top elected official, are the reasons.

This is a not so pithy way of getting to my suggestion that in the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election, the ideal ticket could be Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and former HP CEO Carly Fiorina. Hear me out, I’ll not be too long.

Of course I know that both are currently running for the top office, and popular opinion has both lagging the likes of Bush and Trump. First off, it’s way early to call the race, much like it was in 2008. This would be like betting on the chances of a Triple Crown winner at a foaling.

Second, I believe that Carly would see the wisdom in biding her time and joining Scott’s ticket. (Of course, we’re on a first name basis. Not!) Naturally, this presumes that the gov sees the wisdom in asking her to do so.

While running as VP would require Carly to eat a slice of humble pie, however distasteful that might be, it wouldn’t be her first serving, nor the last for her. Moreover, and speaking from the standpoint of a regular consumer of such fare, it would be good for her soul.

Regardless, the credentials of Walker and Fiorina are extraordinary –and deliciously complimentary.

Naturally, since symbolism was so important in 2008, it’s worthwhile to point out that the election of Carly as vice president would mean that we would have the first female vice president, and this is somebody who is “just a heartbeat away” from taking the captain’s chair in the Oval Office.

Hopefully, and prayerfully, her ascendency by that method would prove unnecessary. On the contrary, if she ran for the presidency after a one or two-term Walker presidency, she presumably would be in far better shape to grab the brass ring than she is today.

More importantly, the gov has the leadership cred equal to every other candidate, and the proven ability to work well with his political opposition. While they may not get together frequently over a cold beer and brats to chat about the Packers chances, there is a degree of mutual respect and a willingness to work together that is sorely missing in DC.

There’s also the matter of baggage. Scott brings the least amount of baggage to the campaign. Bush is seen as just another Bush, Trump is seen as too bombastic, Huckabee is too “right” (notice I didn’t say far-right), Paul is too brash, Christie has bridge-gate, and Jindal and Rubio are not yet ready for prime time. (Sorry, but I’m not on a first-name basis with them.)

On the other hand, Ted Cruz could also make an excellent pairing with Carly. While he doesn’t possess the same level of executive leadership as Scott, he obviously has demonstrated the courage of his convictions and knows how the government functions.

For her part, Carly brings the turn-around specialist cred that Joe Biden probably doesn’t even dream about. Imagine the possibilities of right-sizing the federal government under the influence of a battle-proven, pragmatic former CEO. Could it be done in one term? Not likely. Two terms? You’re getting warmer!

Is more vetting of Scott, Carly, and other candidates still in order. You bet! Is it too early to spend much time on the matter. Yes, except for investigative reporters who, hopefully, are doing so in good faith on every announced candidates.

Has America had enough of the feel-good approach to federal governance? We’ll see. In the meantime, here’s an early nod toward Scott and Carly.


— GCF —

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TJ (Tom) O'Malley

TJ (Tom) O'Malley

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