Media Syndication Rebranded



The innovative media syndication service offered by American Newzine, Inc. has been rebranded to GCF Media Syndicate, according to the company. The digital service offers content to publishers (digital and print) and broadcasters under a non-exclusive license.

“We offer content that many small and regional news publications do not produce in-house for one reason or another,” says Tom O’Malley, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief.  “It can be too costly or time-consuming for them,” he explained.

The company offers content that is complementary to that which is produced in-house in order to help publishers and broadcasters expand the scope of their coverage. This includes seasonal features, special features, a weekly Stock Market Snapshot, a monthly report called FedGov Report™, and travel guides.

“Our subscription fees are very affordable, even for start-ups,” O’Malley points out.

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