In Honor of Flag Day: June 14

flag day (Pixabay) 464563_640Flag Day is celebrated on June 14th. According to the National Flag Day Foundation (NFDF), it was first observed on June 14th, 1885. It was inspired by Bernard J. Cigrand, who as a 19-year-old school teacher, placed a small flag in a bottle on his desk. He then assigned his students to write an essay on its significance, a tradition that endures today.

The mission of the NFDF is to carry on that tradition. It welcomes the participation of like-minded organizations and individuals. It’s main website is and headquarters are in Waubeka, Wisconsin.

The objectives of the NFDF include:

  • A flag in every classroom
  • Inculcate in all, a respect for our flag, symbol of our Great Country
  • Pass on to all “whose shoulders we are standing on”
  • Provide the next generation of leaders the history of our flag to insure their way of life in this Country.
  • Touch all Americans


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