We’re getting a new name

GCF_logo_CROPAmerican Newzine, Inc. ® (newzine is pronounced new-zeen) announced today that it will begin publishing its flagship product, an online magazine, next week under the new brand and URL, GetCurrentFast.com.

We’re excited about the new brand,” Tom O’Malley, Editor-in-Chief says. “It evolved from our slogan and really underscores our predominant use of shorter stories and infographics that are easily and quickly read online,” he added.

“Our profiles of people, places, products, services, and events are also very quick, informative, and interesting reads,” O’Malley said.

Current subscribers will not notice much change except for the name of the online magazine, the company says.

Simultaneously, the Walnut Creek CA based company is reintroducing its syndicated content service to publishers and broadcasters.

“We expect many local and regional news publishers and broadcasters will use our syndication service that offers unique and engaging content not available anywhere else,” O’Malley predicted. “We’re also strong advocates for locally owned and operated news companies, and look forward to working with them and to help others start-up,” he pointed out.

The company also plans to add to its editorial and management team as well as recruit new content creators for its syndication service.

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