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With the first presidential “debate” in the bag, one thing is clear: America has much better choices than it has had in quite some time.

The field of Republican candidates who participated in both the preliminary event (pre-debate) for the second tier of candidates (based on the results of opinion polls) as well as those who participated as first tier candidates in the main event, are an impressive bunch. Highly competent and articulate governors and senators galore! If it’s the first time you have been exposed to some of these candidates, its understandable if you are torn over who would be the better choice.

Happily, The Donald made the task somewhat easier by disqualifying himself. He unwittingly did this by making it perfectly clear that he is merely a first-rate political and business opportunist, not a citizen who is willing to make self-sacrifices for the good of the country. At least he had the courage to reveal how much he is willing to do just about anything to win. In this case, in answer to the brilliant first question during the main debate tonight, he flatly stated he would not pledge to run as an independent candidate if he fails to win the Republican nomination. We are in his debt, as well as the crafter of that question, for eliminating any doubt, and in turn eliminating him as a serious contender, his pre-debate popularity notwithstanding. As longtime readers know, I’m no fan of political parties and partisan politics, but I do value loyalty. To the contrary, Mr. Trump seems to favor ego over loyalty which should come as no surprise to even the casual observer of his career.

As for the rest of the group, there was hardly a gaffe all night, and each candidate seemed to be well-prepared, well-versed, and well, authentic to boot.

Still, I have been studying the background and qualifications of virtually all of the others, and so based on their performances during the debate, here’s my reaction.

First, my preferred ticket, Gov. Scott Walker and Former CEO Carly Fiorina, remain my choices at this stage, with Ted Cruz or John Kasich being excellent alternates as either the presidential or vice presidential nominee. All four performed as well as expected, although Fiorina shocked a good number of people when she was declared the winner of the second tier debate with a whopping 82% of the vote in at least one poll. Look for her to garner well-deserved accolades and attention in the weeks and months ahead.

Also look for other candidates such as Gov. Jeb Bush, Gov. Chris Christie, former Gov. Mike Huckabee, former Gov. Rick Perry, and former Sen. Rick Santorum to see the handwriting on the wall and drop out sooner than later. While each one has demonstrated much better leadership and competency in office than any of the current Democratic Party hopefuls, the previously mentioned foursome have the edge.

Meanwhile, Gov. Bobby Jindal, and Sen. Marco Rubio gave strong performances, but as I’ve stated before, they are not as ready for prime time as the others. Indeed, it was Rubio who came close to a gaffe by saying that the next presidential election is not about the resume. He contended that if it was, then Hillary Clinton possesses the strongest one and therefore she should win. The young senator from Florida demonstrated his ignorance on what a resume should include. It should not simply list the positions held but also clearly reveal the skills and other qualifications of the candidate along with a proven track record of achieving desired results. This is what we presented in our post during the 2012 Presidential Campaign. To quote that post:

Each candidate should be screened to ensure that they have the requisite amount of executive-level experience with a proven track record of accomplishments. The candidate’s accomplishments should clearly demonstrate they have the skills to plan, lead, organize, and control a large and complicated organization. Rhetorical ability and good intentions are one thing, but the proven ability to lead is essential and of much greater importance.

Just as with President Obama in 2012, Hillary Clinton has an impressive list of positions she has held, but has failed to accomplish much good during her time in office as Secretary of State under President Obama and as Senator of New York. Nor does her deficient rhetorical skills and personal charisma help her case. Should she gain the Democratic Party nomination, and win the White House, it will be proof positive that we no longer have a Republican form of government, but have morphed into a monarchy.

On the contrary, candidates Walker, Fiorina, Cruz and Kasich can be rightly proud of stellar track records as public servant leaders. With such an interesting and entertaining first debate behind us, we can look forward to much more as we prepare to scrutinize each resume as if the welfare of our great country, and for that matter the world, depends on it. Except, of course, for those who prefer elections be merely popularity contests, symbolic gestures, or the assent of the ruling class.

— GCF —

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TJ (Tom) O'Malley

TJ (Tom) O'Malley

TJ (Tom) O'Malley, Founding Editor-in-Chief, writes for GetCurrentFast.com. He is the co-founder of American Newzine, Inc. TJ is an entrepreneur, real estate and business investor, business adviser and coach, writer, speaker, husband, father, and grandfather. Unaffliated with any political party since 1992, he is a proud citizen of the USA and dedicated to the rule of law under her Constitution. He is passionate about politics and religion as two of the most noble topics upon which to have a great conversation.
TJ (Tom) O'Malley

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