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Producers, editors, columnists, writers, reporters, sponsors, advertising representatives, and advertisers are encouraged to refer to this editorial calendar for planning purposes. We meet your need to have relevant, engaging content to publish or broadcast. This includes content covering current events as well as holidays, major birthdays and anniversaries, and other occasions. Current products are listed below along with some that are in the works.

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We publish content according to the editorial calendar belowNew or updated content is generally available between 2 and 3am PT on the date designated next to the product name below, unless specified otherwise.

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Some content is evergreen in that it remains relevant indefinitely and can be published or broadcast at any time.

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Current Event Content

Occasionally, we create infographics or articles of general interest that cover current events. The content is generally made available as soon as it is produced. Examples include the following:

Weekly & Monthly Special Reports

Seasonal & Holiday Features

Here is the current inventory of seasonal general interest content and holiday features. The content is generally available the last weekday before the occasion, unless otherwise noted. An (F) after the entry denotes a federal holiday.

  1. JAN New Year’s (F)
  2. JAN COMING One Who Refused to be Enslaved (George Washington Carver)
  3. JAN Birthday Tribute: Benjamin Franklin
  4. JAN Birthday Tribute: Martin Luther King, Jr. (F)
  5. JAN “Dirty Dozen” List (National Center on Sexual Exploitation)
  6. FEB Birthday Tribute: President Ronald Reagan
  7. FEB Birthday Tribute: President Abraham Lincoln
  8. FEB Valentine’s Day
  9. FEB Washington’s Birthday (President’s Day) (F)
  10. FEB Birthday Tribute: President George Washington
  11. MAR Spring Forward: Daylight Savings Begins
  12. MAR Presidential Resumes (Presidential Election Years)
  13. MAR St. Patrick’s Day
  14. MAR A Tribute to a Failed Farmer (Robert Frost)
  15. MAR/APR Easter (Christian Holiday)
  16. APR O’Malley: Think of Laura, and All Who Died Young (Apr. 8)
  17. APR Birthday Tribute: President Thomas Jefferson
  18. APR Independent Bookstore Day (May 2)
  19. MAY National Small Business Week
  20. MAY National Day of Prayer (First Thursday, sample from 2015)
  21. MAY Armed Forces Day (Sample from 2015)
  22. MAY Mother’s Day
  23. MAY Memorial Day (F)
  24. JUN Coming On Writing Well
  25. JUN Father’s Day
  26. JUN Flag Day
  27. JUL Coming Baxter Black: So Lucky to be an American
  28. JUL Independence Day (F)
  29. JUL Independence Day – Musical Tribute
  30. JUL O’Malley: Founding Principles Enshrined in Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution
  31. JUL D-Day
  32. SEP Labor Day Greeting with Selected Quotations (F)
  33. SEP Labor Day Special Report
  34. SEP O’Malley: Labor Day Tradition 
  35. SEP Project Vote Smart Update
  36. SEP Patriot Day ‘Never Forget’
  37. SEP Constitution Day and Citizenship Day
  38. OCT Columbus Day (F)
  39. OCT Wreaths Across America Campaign
  40. OCT Birthday Tribute: President John Adams
  41. OCT Halloween
  42. NOV Your Next Opportunity to Vote
  43. NOV O’Malley: Sterling Speeches, Lessons Learned  (Nov. 19 Anniversary of Gettysburg Address)
  44. NOV Fall Back: Daylight Savings Ends
  45. NOV O’Malley: Where Does Your Time Go?
  46. NOV Veterans Day (F)
  47. NOV O’Malley: Build a Team with Grateful and Forgiving Hearts
  48. NOV Thanksgiving Day Proclamations – Then and Now (4th Wed.)
  49. NOV Thanksgiving Day (F – 4th Wed.)
  50. DEC NORAD to Track Santa Again This Year (Christian Holiday – 23rd)
  51. DEC In the First Light Turns ## (Christian Holiday – 24th)
  52. DEC Christmas (F – Christian Holiday)


COMING Infographics – Quarterly

COMING Travel Digest

The Get Current Fast™ Travel Digest is a definitive travel guide for general audiences. A good read without the going™, each article is full of essential travel information and is written in a easy-going, enjoyable writing style. We show the reader how to enjoy the very best the destination has to offer including historical, cultural, and spiritual highlights. Dining recommendations are also included.

O’Malley’s Column (Limited Schedule)

This column is written by the editor-in-chief and co-founder of GetCurrentFast.com, TJ (Tom) O’Malley. Unaffiliated with any political party since 1992, O’Malley gives a candid, straightforward report with commentary on current events, trends, developments, and other topics in politics, religion, leadership, and other subjects. Many of O’Malley’s columns are evergreen, and some are re-released for republication annually. They are included in the above list of Seasonal & Holiday Features.


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