Citizens in Action

Citizens-in-Action-concept-image-flag-constitution-bullets-GCFA St. Regis, Mont., woman used a .22-250 Rem. rifle to fend off a bear. The woman and her husband were watching TV late one night when they heard a noise outside. The husband opened the door to investigate and the bear charged. The woman shot once, felling the animal eight feet from the home. (Missoulian, Missoula, Mont., 5/21/15)

A strange tapping sound woke up Dietta Gueye in the middle of the night. When she heard glass shatter a few seconds later, she realized someone was trying to break in. Gueye slipped out of bed and grabbed her Glock, which was on a table under her purse. When she looked into the other room to assess the situation, she saw that three men had already entered the home and two others were outside. “I just let loose on them,” she told a reporter, saying she fired four shots—enough to chase the men away. One of the bad guys shot Gueye in the leg before he fled. The suspects have not been caught, and it is unclear whether any of them were shot; police, however, think at least one man was hit because they found no bullets in the house. (Detroit News, Detroit, Mich., 6/10/15)

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