Citizens in Action

Citizens-in-Action-concept-image-flag-constitution-bullets-GCFAn armed robber targeted a Michigan patient who had pulled into the parking lot at a dialysis center for treatment early one morning. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Department said the robber stepped out of a wooded area near the parking lot, pulled his gun and demanded the driver’s wallet. The patient responded by drawing his own gun and asking, “Do you really want to do this?” The assailant turned and ran. Police tried to track the suspect with dogs, but couldn’t find him. (, Detroit, Mich., 5/19/15)

Miami-Dade police said two burglars entered a house in Redland one afternoon, and shots were fired soon thereafter. One intruder died at the scene and the other was taken to a hospital. The homeowner, 77, is cooperating with police, who are treating this as a “stand your ground” case. People in the neighborhood had reported several burglaries and attempted burglaries before this one. (NBC News 6, Miami, Fla., 5/18/15)

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