Citizens in Action

Citizens-in-Action-concept-image-flag-constitution-bullets-GCFThree armed men entered the couple’s home through a sliding glass door. They made the woman lie on the floor in one room and tried to force her husband to do likewise in another room, but he complained that an old injury made getting to the floor unassisted difficult. While the male homeowner was using furniture to help himself to the floor, he grabbed the .357 Mag revolver he kept by the coffee table and came up firing, hitting one of the intruders in the hand. Marshall County Undersheriff Danny Cryer later said that the man’s wife got involved at that point. She initially grabbed and fired the gun the injured intruder had dropped, but later used her own to shoot a second interloper near the collarbone. The three strangers then fled the home and joined their wheelman. Deputies later that day detained all four suspects. They face an array of charges, including robbery and assault with a dangerous weapon. Cryer said the homeowners, who were not injured, did exactly what they needed to do. (The Madill Record, Madill, Okla., 4/2/2015)

An Uber driver shot and injured a man who had been firing a handgun into a group of people near Logan Square. The only injury was that of the initial shooter, who was treated, charged and denied bail. The driver, said to be acting in self-defense and defense of others, won’t be charged. (Chicago Sun Times, Chicago, Ill., 4/20/2015)

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