O’Malley: Chief Justice Roberts: You Can’t Have It Both Ways

This month has certainly been one for the history books. The Supreme Court effectively saved the Obama presidency by its rulings on Obamacare and so-called same-sex marriage. Lots of folks are happy, especially the media and talk show commentators and advertisers who can hardly contain their delight in having to cover the controversies surround the court rulings. […]

Citizens in Action

Police say two gunmen in a parking garage ambushed the quartet after they left a Milford, Conn., tavern at 1:30 a.m. The robbers demanded that the targeted victims hand over their valuables and one assailant shot one of the four tavern patrons in the neck. Another member of the group returned fire with his licensed […]

Citizens in Action

A 28-year-old intruder had first attempted to rob the house across the street, but the people in that residence forced him to leave through a second-story window. The suspect next broke through a window of a widow’s home. The woman had been sleeping on the couch with her gun at hand, Sgt. Dave Sicilia said, and she […]

Citizens in Action

A West Virginia pharmacist with a concealed-carry permit saved several staff members from an armed robber. A gunman entered the Pinch, W.Va., business and threatened the workers. The unidentified pharmacist responded by drawing his concealed handgun and shooting the intruder multiple times. Pharmacy staff members administered first aid to the injured gunman, who later died […]

FedGov Report™

This monthly report is updated and presented by GetCurrentFast.com in order to show at-a-glance how the federal government is performing. The information contained in this report is considered essential and can help the reader stay well-informed. Of particular concern is the vulnerability of the U.S. on a number of national security fronts including the threat of an […]

Citizens in Action

Roy Bieluch was on the run in Wallace, Idaho, after he had escaped from a Shoshone County lockup. He ended up on Brian Becker’s property. When Becker heard a noise in his yard, he grabbed his gun and went to investigate. Becker saw Bieluch and told him to stop and keep his hands where he […]

Citizens in Action

Jefferson County (Colorado)  homeowner was awakened by a dog that was barking in the middle of the night. When he investigated, he saw an intruder crawling into his house through a doggie door. The resident yelled at the man, later identified as being from Nebraska, and retreated to an upstairs room. Investigators say the intruder […]

Price at the Pump

This infographic shows the long-term trend of the price of regular gasoline in the United States. Many analysts believe that the current down trend is attributable to the increased production of oil and gas in the U.S. Other factors that can impact the price of gasoline include the president’s policies on energy, federal legislation, federal regulation, […]

UPDATE: Decency in the Media

  Good News: Abercrombie & Fitch Says It’s Cleaning Up Its Act May 20, 2015: Abercrombie & Fitch, a clothing merchant targeting young people, is making changes after years of fielding objections to its marketing practices. The company is well known for using highly sexualized marketing techniques to lure young people into its stores. Monica Cole of […]