Constitutional Stewardship: An Introduction

  As the founding editor-in-chief of by American Newzine®, and a student of history and the human condition, it is clear to me that our American way of life, and political environment, could be well-served by the general understanding of a principle called “constitutional stewardship.” The phrase is one that our editorial team created after […]

Hits & Misses: National Top Priorities

I find myself at odds this week with many of  my fellow Americans, the majority of whom, according to some polls, believe the economy and jobs are our nation’s top priority.  While our lead story for the first Friday of every month is the updated report on the official unemployment rate, this should not be […]

The Immediate Aftermath of Boston: No Time to Stand Still

The act of terrorism in Boston is still fresh in Americans’ minds. The finest law enforcement personnel in the world are working night and day to determine who did this cowardly act and perhaps why. There is no good reason for such barbarism; no one’s faith or political ideology can adequately justify it, no matter […]

Presidential Resumes 2012

As a voter, you should vet your top elected officials as carefully as if you are hiring them to lead or help lead your own company.  After all, they are responsible to ensure that your tax dollars are spent wisely, and that government employees and property are managed efficiently and effectively. Each candidate should be […]