O’Malley on Leadership: Keep the Big Picture in Mind

Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico is one of the most popular images captured by famed photographer Ansel Adams. As depicted in the PBS American Series biopic on his life, if it wasn’t for Ansel’s ability to keep the big picture in mind, he would have missed this shot. At moonrise on November 1, 1941, he and his crew were […]

O’Malley on Leadership: Is Cozying Up to Communists Part of Your Legacy?

The Washington Post recently reported the following: “Chinese government hackers are suspected of breaching the computer networks of the United States Postal Service, compromising the data of more than 800,000 employees — including the postmaster general’s.” This incident made news while President Barack Obama was wooing China’s President Xi Jinping. As if none of the Chinese […]

O’Malley on Leadership: A Peaceful Revolution in America

Perhaps amateur hour in DC is drawing to a close. The Mid-term Election of 2014 is over except for the final tallies and run-off elections in several races. Still, the net result has been determined: the Republican Party gained control of the Senate and strengthened its grip on the House of Representatives. Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell […]