O’Malley on Leadership: On Being Judgmental

Quick: what’s the definition of morality? How about the definition of ethics? These are not trick questions. The reason I ask is that it’s almost daily, and sometimes more often, that I hear or read a well-intended but misguided admonishment that goes something like this: “We should not be judgmental.” Really? Nothing or no one can […]

O’Malley on Leadership: Are Your Values Guidelines or Dealbreakers

Is there a difference between principles and values? No, this is not an esoteric exercise. After all, “Values Statements” are quite common today, and yet you hardly hear of a reference to principles. Throughout much of recorded history, it appears the terms have generally been used synonymously. While this is certainly understandable given human nature and […]

O’Malley on Leadership: Most Successful R-rated Movie Yields Lessons on 10th Anniversary

Quick, which movie is the all-time R-rated box office hit? If you guessed “Avatar“, that’s the wrong answer. According to IMBd, that blockbuster featuring the blue-toned beings is the all-time box office champ, but it was rated PG-13. In fact, currently on the all-time top box office list, there are 24 films that grossed more than the top […]

Birthday Tribute: President George Washington

This week we honor the life of George Washington, (February 22, 1732 – December 14, 1799, age 67), 1st President of the United States, Christian, colonial leader, military general, Founding Father of the United States, land surveyor, husband to Martha, step-father of two. As Commander-in-Chief of during the Revolutionary War (War for Independence) he was a popular […]

O’Malley on Leadership: The Two Hankie Rule

This week’s column is not pertinent to anything of great significance, like politics or religion, or even the highly questionable play call that cost the Seattle Seahawks a near certain Super Bowl victory. It’s simply about a very ordinary part of life many people don’t appreciate. Nonetheless, leaders, especially those who are men, may find […]