FedGov Report™

This monthly report is updated and presented by GetCurrentFast.com in order to show at-a-glance how the federal government is performing. The information contained in this report is considered essential and can help the reader stay well-informed. Of particular concern is the vulnerability of the U.S. on a number of national security fronts including the threat of an […]

Top Priorities

Our company believes that we serve the public good, also known as the common good, through our commitment to give primacy of place to the news and information that pertains to our nation’s top priorities; the news and information that matters most.  In other words, we believe that the popularity of a person, issue, or story […]

O’Malley on Leadership: A Peaceful Revolution in America

Perhaps amateur hour in DC is drawing to a close. The Mid-term Election of 2014 is over except for the final tallies and run-off elections in several races. Still, the net result has been determined: the Republican Party gained control of the Senate and strengthened its grip on the House of Representatives. Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell […]

FBI: Every Federal Agency Has Been Cybercrime Victim

Every agency of the United States government has been victimized by cybercrime, according to a senior Federal Bureau of Investigation official. FBI Executive Assistant Director Robert Anderson testified Wednesday during a congressional hearing to examine cybersecurity, terrorism and evolving threats against the American homeland. Anderson said since 2002 the F.B.I. has seen an 80 percent […]

Hate-speech laws a ‘tool of totalitarianism,’ lawyer warns

During a recent event discussing the origin and implementation of European hate-speech laws, lawyers argued that the “ill-conceived” laws pose a danger to free speech and often stifle constructive dialogue. “While human rights provisions are meant to limit the reach of the state and empower citizens, hate speech laws do just the opposite – and […]