Rule of Law Suits Congress

The House votes today on a resolution that authorizes the House of Representatives to sue the President for his repeated disregard of the Rule of Law and the separation of powers. The outstanding question remains whether courts will grant the House standing or not. Under the Constitution, it’s the duty of Congress as the legislative […]

O’Malley on Leadership: Founding Principles Enshrined in Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution

The following essay is republished on the 4th of July as an annual feature. During President Reagan’s Farewell Speech delivered on national television from the Oval Office in the White House on January 11, 1989, he borrowed from a pilgrim’s observation that the United States of America is a “shiny city upon a hill.” Firmly committed to […]

Cut Saturday Mail to Fund Highways?

The Highway Trust Fund will be out of money in a few months, mainly because Congress insists on spending more than it takes in. To avert this supposed crisis, Republican leaders are proposing to cut Saturday deliveries of mail and use the savings to replenish the trust fund. There’s actually a tiny grain of Constitutional sense behind […]

Grassley Protects Constitutional Turf

If Democrats don’t know basic history, should they really be trying to rewrite it? That’s a question some people wondered yesterday after Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) primetime gaffe. The Harvard-educated agitator, one of 42 liberals trying to scrap the First Amendment, argued for his party’s amendment by suggesting that the author of it would have approved. […]