O’Malley on Politics: Deal Breakers on Deal with Iran

Recently, despite Constitutional limitations that should restrict President Obama or any president from unilaterally making a deal with a foreign nation, he and his administration is moving ahead with cutting a deal with Iran. This, I believe, is a desperate attempt by our president to earn his Nobel Peace Prize. Of course, as firey constitutional lawyer and talk […]

O’Malley on Leadership: On Being Judgmental

Quick: what’s the definition of morality? How about the definition of ethics? These are not trick questions. The reason I ask is that it’s almost daily, and sometimes more often, that I hear or read a well-intended but misguided admonishment that goes something like this: “We should not be judgmental.” Really? Nothing or no one can […]

O’Malley on Leadership: A Peaceful Revolution in America

Perhaps amateur hour in DC is drawing to a close. The Mid-term Election of 2014 is over except for the final tallies and run-off elections in several races. Still, the net result has been determined: the Republican Party gained control of the Senate and strengthened its grip on the House of Representatives. Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell […]

Your Next Opportunity to Vote

We encourage you to exercise your right and duty to vote in the upcoming election as a well-informed citizen. Below are some quotations that can help keep this responsibility in perspective. “Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please […]

O’Malley on Leadership: Labor Day Tradition

This essay was first published in 2013 and is revised if needed and republished annually for as long as its premise remains relevant. On Labor Day, we rightfully honor the hard-working people who made this country the greatest nation in history, and who strive to keep us at the top. I hope you enjoy the holiday. Regrettably, this […]

IRS to Churches: Be Audit You Can Be

Most of us would love to get the IRS to go to church — but not to censor what’s being said there! Unfortunately, that seems to be the next stop on the agency’s intimidation tour, thanks to a new settlement between the President’s favorite tax bullies and the extremists at the Freedom From Religion Foundation […]