Site On Hiatus

The website,, has gone on an indefinite hiatus effective September 4, 2015. Its owner, American Newzine, Inc., decided to suspend operations. “We’ve developed the site into a world-class platform for general news and information since 2009,” said Tom O’Malley, President and Publisher. “We’re especially proud of our innovations along with our adherence to what […]

Media Syndication Rebranded

The innovative media syndication service offered by American Newzine, Inc. has been rebranded to GCF Media Syndicate, according to the company. The digital service offers content to publishers (digital and print) and broadcasters under a non-exclusive license. “We offer content that many small and regional news publications do not produce in-house for one reason or another,” […]

We’re getting a new name

American Newzine, Inc. ® (newzine is pronounced new-zeen) announced today that it will begin publishing its flagship product, an online magazine, next week under the new brand and URL, We’re excited about the new brand,” Tom O’Malley, Editor-in-Chief says. “It evolved from our slogan and really underscores our predominant use of shorter stories and […]