Time to ‘Fall Back’

Daylight Saving Time is ending. If you live in a place that recognizes Daylight Saving Time, then it’s time to set clocks back (Fall Back) one-hour on Sunday. Many people do this on Saturday just before going to bed. This time of year is also a good time to test and replace batteries in:

Site On Hiatus

The website, GetCurrentFast.com, has gone on an indefinite hiatus effective September 4, 2015. Its owner, American Newzine, Inc., decided to suspend operations. “We’ve developed the site into a world-class platform for general news and information since 2009,” said Tom O’Malley, President and Publisher. “We’re especially proud of our innovations along with our adherence to what […]

Citizens in Action

A St. Regis, Mont., woman used a .22-250 Rem. rifle to fend off a bear. The woman and her husband were watching TV late one night when they heard a noise outside. The husband opened the door to investigate and the bear charged. The woman shot once, felling the animal eight feet from the home. […]

In Memorium: US Military Fatality Report

Fatalities Since Last Report 2 Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq) 4,424 Operation New Dawn (Iraq) 66 Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan and Others) 2,355 Operation Inherent Resolve (Various Countries in the Middle East) 7 Operation Freedom’s Sentinel (Afghanistan)  6 Worldwide Total 6,858 May they rest in peace.   Notes: Operation Inherent Resolve began Oct. 8, 2014. Operation […]

Citizens in Action

An armed robber targeted a Michigan patient who had pulled into the parking lot at a dialysis center for treatment early one morning. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Department said the robber stepped out of a wooded area near the parking lot, pulled his gun and demanded the driver’s wallet. The patient responded by drawing his […]

Citizens in Action

A Tennessee homeowner fatally shot a man who was climbing through the home’s front window. The resident was awakened by a thud in the middle of the night. He responded by chambering a round in his Glock and going to investigate. When he saw the intruder at the window, he fired once, striking the miscreant […]

Citizens in Action

A Jefferson County (Colorado) homeowner was awakened by a dog that was barking in the middle of the night. When he investigated, he saw an intruder crawling into his house through the doggie door. The resident yelled at the man and retreated to an upstairs room. Investigators say the intruder followed and the homeowner shot […]

Citizens in Action

Local police won’t charge a Right-to-Carry permit holder who killed a man during an attempted carjacking in Orem, Utah. The armed citizen heard a scream while he was in the parking lot of a grocery store. When he saw a woman being pulled from her car, he approached, drew his 9 mm Luger handgun and […]

Citizens in Action

Three armed men entered the couple’s home through a sliding glass door. They made the woman lie on the floor in one room and tried to force her husband to do likewise in another room, but he complained that an old injury made getting to the floor unassisted difficult. While the male homeowner was using […]

UPDATE: Wine Tasting Step-by-Step

For centuries wine has been referred to as “liquid sunshine.” But given the prices of some wines today, it could even be called liquid gold. Still, most people can acquire an appreciation for wine without much effort or great expense. Our experience has shown that due to a number of factors, including the way technology has helped level […]