A digital media company that sets the bar high

Welcome to GetCurrentFast.com by American Newzine, Inc. (new-zeen), a trusted digital media company. We publish syndicated news and information under the brandname GCF Media Syndicate™

Our unique and innovative content for general audiences includes:

  • fact-filled and engaging infographics
  • special reports
  • special and seasonal features
  • a refreshing focus on that which matters most

In other words, we equip independent publishers and broadcasters with unique content that helps their audience Get current —fast™ on the really important national and international news and information. Our products also enable them to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of news coverage while upholding high editorial and decency standards.

“We offer content that many small and regional news publications do not or can not produce in-house for one reason or another,” says TJ (Tom) O’Malley, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief.  “Our subscription fees are very affordable, even for start-ups.”

The company’s mission is to help improve news literacy in America while making a positive impact on our culture and society.

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